The exclusive sanitary solution for the event and the business sector

SILVER-LINE on the Best of Events 2011

Fair Team OECON Best of Events 2011For the fourth year in a row OEOCN was one under 435 exhibitors from 9 countries at this year´s Best of Events 2011, the international trade fair for business communication, live-marketing and event services in Dortmund. The ideal platform for the product group SILVER-LINE to present at the show floor. In an exhibition area of 42 square meters this year´s fair team presented the VIP sanitary module from the SILVER-LINE series.
 Best of Events 2011 Silver-Line
Since then the module debuted on many exclusive events like the CSI Hachenburg horseshow, the Polo Emotions Cup in Stuttgart and the Soccer World Cup in the respective host countries. The advantages of this high-quality modules are due to a fast availability anda fast assembly and dismantling on events and fairs. The modules are completely equipped and can be quickly started running. From the detached single module to the integrated part of an already existing structure. The SILVER-LINE as a VIP-solution for the event and business Fair Team OECON Besto of Events 2011, Dortmund
 sector is usable everywhere, where high demands  are required. Complete building structures for fairs,
 office buildings, info-points, press rooms and sanitary  
 facilities - individual and customer-built structure and
 focused floor plans are possible due to the modular
 conception. Overall, the fair counted 9500 visitors. Many
 of these guests OECON could greet on its own stand.
 There are both new candidates won, as well as maintain
 old contacts. Concrete inquiries for this year´s projects
 are already in a planning stage. 

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