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OECON Containers: Additional equipment

Roll-off frame, frame reinforcement, special designs, stairs, building connections, roofs

Floor reinforcements, additional insulation, different flooring materials, floor trays and double EDP floors.

Aluminium or wood panelling or rough-plastered facings.

Interior panels
Interior panelling using plasterboard, plastic or wooden panels and plywood or steel sheet.

Roof reinforcements and superstructures, additional insulation, sun roofs, parapet screens.

Several wood-, plastic- or aluminium-framed window types available.

Seperating walls
Separating walls made of OECON sandwich elements. Wooden frame with hard foam core, CFC-free, covered with Pantex panels on both sides.

Electrical installations in accordance with VDE/DIN standards. Wiring is located under plaster in frame cable ducts or the exterior and ceiling element panel gaps. Surface-mounted spray-protected power sockets, switches and fuse box.

Electrical heating, oil or solid-fuel oven heating, liquefied gas and natural gas heaters, warm water heating.

Sanitary and gas installation in accordance with DIN or DVGW/DVFG standards.

More equipment and special features upon request.


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