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quality label RAL

Special containers by OECON: SHELTAINER

> Special sizes and models
> Planning, production and service know-how
> Certified technical quality standards
> Planning reliability for time and cost management
> Scope for our customers’ new technologies

Ready to take your systems

Complete water-treatment systems, butcher's, baker's, mobile brake test rigs, radar stations, substations, air-quality measuring stations, monitoring stations and workshops, to name just a few, have been developed to customer requirements by OECON specialists and are in use throughout the world.

OECON special containers for technical equipment and systems or as a protective shell for expensive and sensitive technical devices have made a name for themselves -

Installed units, measuring instruments and electronic components must arrive safely and reliably at the place where they are to be used and, once there, should be available rapidly with little effort.

Or the technical units may be designed for modular expansion with additional components, i.e. are intended to maintain versatility in the long term.

The containers are not only a means of protecting valuable equipment. OECON SHELTAINERS can have special functional elements such as hinged and mobile wall segments, floor and roof openings or integral pivoted hydraulic supports.

Since special wall, floor and roof constructions are used depending on the application, partial additional reinforcement, retention systems, trough-type floors, anti-radiation inserts, noise encapsulation and armouring to prevent break-ins or provide protection against bullets are optional possible.




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