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OECON Pavilions: Equipment

Cantilever, electrically welded steel-frameworks made of zinc-coated special-profiles, with 4 high tensile steel-casted corner fittings according to ISO 1161 and 4 corner fittings made of sheet steel. Off-the-shelf twofold stackable. Cable channel integrated in the framework (connection ceiling/wall).

Zinc-coated l-cross-beam with overlying sandwich-base, 60 mm thick, outside concisely with base-frameworks. Construction: galvanized sheet iron, PUR hardfoam core, FCKW-free foamed under pressure, high-quality chipboard, 22 mm thick, V100 EO (formaldehyde-free!), with particular corner foot.
To avoid heat-bridges, the isolation is arranged continuously over the steel-framework. Allowed live load 5,0 kN/qm in the ground floor. PVC-floor-covering, homogeneous, 1,5 mm thick, welded in tracks, with plastic-covered skirting.

Window elements
Heat-insulated aluminum profiles color white, RAL 9016 with tie beam. Glazing: ISO-heat barrier-glass, U-value 1,1 downstairs. Fixed glazing with one-sided VSG. 2 window elements 740 x 2090 mm upstairs, fixed glazing. 2 window elements 2000 x 2090 mm upstairs DK/DK.
All front side and alongside window-elements can be removed for linking the containers.

External door
2-wing aluminum door 200 x 224 cm, outside turning, heat-insulated profiles, colors: white, RAL 9016. Glazing: ISO heat protection glass U-value 1,1, from 2 x VSG fitting-parts: 3 door-ribbons per leaf, fold-lever bolts at the demand-leaf, 5 fold lock with latch, 4 band-grips, profile-cylinders with 2 keys, waiter-door closers at the moving leaf.

OECON Sandwich elements, 67 mm thick, wood-frame-construction, surface made of formaldehyde free Pantex plates, covered with white plastics. PUR hard foam insulation, FCKW-free. Visual side of ceiling is fixed screwless. Zinc-coated steel profiles for linkage of roof elements.
Roof covering made of zinc-coated sheet steel, machine crimped and sealed. The complete roof area is maintenance free.

Electrical equipment
Electrical installation with 2 double fluorescent tubes, 2 x 58 W, plastics prism covering, 5 UP-sockets, 1 UP-on-off switch.

2-Component-coating, papyrus white RAL 9018. Roof edges traffic blue RAL 5017.

Dimensions and weights
Outside dimensions:
Length 6.055 mm
Width 3.000 mm
Height 2.810 mm

Inside dimensions:
Length 5.855 mm
Width 2.900 mm
Height 2.500 mm

Effective area appr. 14,00 qm
Tare weight, appr. 3.500 kg

OECON Pavilions: Additional equipment

Frameworks backing, special constructions, staircases, connections und canopys.

Floor backings, additional insulations, floor covering.

Roof backings, roof-systems, additional insulations, grid-ceiling, sun-blinds, attika-blinds, landscaped roofs, roof-terrasse.

Windows made of plastics as revolve/bottom, hung/skylight or sash window, with different glazes.

Partition walls
OECON Sandwich elements. Woodframe construction with hard foam core, FCKW-free, surface on both sides made of formaldehyde free Pantex plates.

Exterior wall
OECON Sandwich elements with PUR-hard foam insulation core, FCKW-free, individually replaceable and exchangeable both frontal and lengthwise, interconnected with outside lying aluminium profiles. Outer casing made of zinc coated trapezoid-sheet steel. Inner casing made of formaldehyde free Pantex plates with plastic pattern.

Installation according to VDE /DIN. In wall wiring using existent cable channel respectively using the outer wall as ceiling element joints. Sockets, switches, fuse box and splash-proof CEE-outer connectors. Installation with 2 double-fluorescent tubes, 2 x 58 W, with plastic cover. 5 UP-sockets, 1 UP-switch.

Electric-heaters, ovens for usage with solid or liquid combustibles, liquid or natural gas heating devices.

Special coats on demand. Special models and outfits on demand.

Technical data are subject to change.
Further equipment and technical facilities upon request.


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