OECON Know-how

Road works and maintenance are everyday situations on our roads. Multifunctional mobile space for material or equipment storage, as offices, for staff accommodation or for sanitary purposes is in use everywhere.
There is a very high probability that these are OECON system space, containers or construction-site vehicles.

As well as the many mobile space solutions with this brand name clearly visible in Germany, there are in fact others too. Products with earlier brand names have been available on the international market since the 1950s.

With the acquisition of the traditional KAFA brand based in Halle/Saale in Germany’s state of Saxony-Anhalt, OECON now has additional, efficient product capacities.
This combination of powerful partnerships in strong economic regions will enjoy continued success on the markets of the future.

Since 1993, these products have been manufactured at several plants in Germany and abroad and distributed by the headquarters in Bartholomae (in the Swabian region of Germany). Today there are distribution offices in Halle/Saale, Munich and Bochum as well as a service center in Frankfurt/Main.

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