OECON delivers container lodgings and meets logistic challenges

Portakabin GroupDue to the former good cooperation with our customer, a famous logistics company, the branch office in Bartholomä received the surcharge for the delivery of a container building for the bank Sparkasse Ulm in South Germany. For 18 months the 3-storey container building in the centre of the city Ulm, consisting 40 container modules, will be the working centre of the site managers and the construction staff during the construction phase of the new bank building. For the arrangement fully equipped team's containers, sanitary containers with shower possibilities, office containers used as single space offices or meeting rooms were combined and connected by stairwell containers to reach each building level. The delivered modules mainly consisting of standard containers with equipment furnishing have been delivered by OECON. Furthermore an access control for the building site staff was organized to meet the customer´s desire. With this project OECON had a logistic challenge to solve. The container building was set on a very busy street in the middle of an old bridge in the heart of the city what entailed that for this occasion a street blockage had to be established and the building had to be built up on Sunday. Further a strong inclination of the area required to fix the container units on a subsoil from steel bearers to compensate t he inclination of the street. Thanks to the good cooperation with the customer, within the OECON team and the city of Ulm the projekt could be put and the lodging of the construction staff could be guaranteed up to the end of the construction time in the middle/end of 2015.

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