Mobile container-arrest cells for rioting Stuttgart 21 demonstrators

After the positive civil vote with the national referendum in the 27th of November,2011 various large-scale projects are planned for the building project "Stuttgart 21" in the beginning of 2012, including the transfer or precipitation by 170 trees and the de-moilion of the south wing in the station building. For the expected violent protests and blockades of Stuttgart 21 opponents the police arms itself with 15 mobile container-arrest cells, in which people are accommodated who must be taken into short time custody.

OECON supplied and mounted the mobile arrest building on the 14th December, 2011 in the area of the Canstatter Wasen in close vincity to the resident police station. The mobile preseration cells are equipped with heating, emergency call bottons and benches in which can be held up to 200 people in safekeeping. This arrest building consists of 12 coupled single container units which are connected by 2 inside-recumbent floor containers.

For the daily "call of nature" toilet containers are available. Till the middle of February the arrest domicile should stand on the Cannstatter Wasen, however an lengthened standing time of the mobile container-arrest cells is also possible.


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